Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Classic White Bedroom Set Update

It's always fun to update pieces that have been with a family for awhile.  It's the cheapest way to get something "new" without having to buy all new furniture.  This particular set was for a new client whose furniture was in great shape but she just wanted to update it.


We decided to go classic and stick with white.  You wouldn't think this light of a dresser would have such a bleed through problem but it took TWELVE coats of oil based primer to block out the stain that wanted to push through!  In the end it was worth all the hard work and they turned out beautiful!


Pebble Beach Makeover

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vanilla Frosting End Tables

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Heirloom Before and After

Recently a new client contacted me about updating some bedroom furniture she's had since she and her husband married.  Turns out her sweet grandfather hand made each of these pieces for her!  I couldn't believe how well built and heavy each item was- so obvious of the love he put into them!


My client loved this piece that I had refinished awhile back and decided to go with the same color.

The set was one of my more difficult pieces for sure!  The type of wood and the previous stain were a tough combo to tackle.  After numerous hours sanding, shellacking, staining, priming and repeating the final outcome was gorgeous!  Changing out the hardware also helped to update the furniture.


I LOVE that my client kept these sentimental pieces but wasn't afraid to do a little updating to make them work for her changing tastes.  Thanks Katie for trusting me with your special furniture!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Classic Black Media Center

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Products from Country Chic Paint!

It's no secret that I love Country Chic Paints so I was thrilled to try the new products that were just released!  First off, this may seem weird but I am all about the presentation and packaging and am always blown away by how well Country Chic pulls off this aspect.  Any of you that have received a package from them know what I mean!  It's always a happy day when I get these packages!

The first thing I tried out is the new embossing plaster.  I've never worked with this medium before so wanted to start on something small while I got the hang of it. I had a few canvases so thought I would attempt something for my daughters gallery wall.

I used a stencil I already had on hand and used a putty knife to spread the plaster over the stencil. Just a word of warning, this stuff smells AND looks like chocolate pudding!  My girls were seriously convinced I was working with dessert!  I carefully peeled back the stencil and allowed it to dry overnight (4 hours is recommended).  The next day I decided to take a loose inspiration from my favorite blogger Mandi  and do a little ombre hexagon art.

First I lightly brushed over the entire canvas with the new Metallic Accent Cream from Country Chic in Pocket Watch color (left side).  It's an awesome gold color and a little goes a LONG way!

After the metallic cream dried I did some painting on the hexagons to make them stand out a bit and then modge podged a quote on the bottom from some old scrapbook paper I had laying around.  It still needs a rustic wood frame but otherwise it's a fun new addition to my daughters gallery wall and the embossing plaster really made a fun raised element

After finishing this piece I felt a little better attempting a bigger project.  I've had this bench sitting in my pile for a year and my daughter has been begging for something in purple, her favorite color.  i followed the same steps with the plaster and let it dry for 4 hours.  This stuff dries solid!  I used a 120 grit piece of sand paper and sanded out a little of the unevenness.  I still wanted texture so didn't go too crazy.  After sanding I painted 2 coats of Perfection.  This is the first time I have used Country Chic by brushing (I usually spray) and I was amazed at how smooth it goes on as well as how little you see brush strokes!

After the paint was dry I enlisted my husband to start painting hexagons in a gradient.  Of course after he spent a good chunk of time on this we realized we could have just put the stencil back on and painted over them in a few seconds.  Oops- live and learn!

I really wanted this to be a worn, heavily distressed look since my daughter will be banging it up anyway!  After everything was dry I sanded it down with 120 grit paper and then gave it 2 good coats of Country Chic Tough Coat to seal.  The texture on this bench is so fun and my daughter absolutely loves it!

I had a lot of fun playing with the new products and really encourage you to try them out if you get a chance!  I can't wait to use the embossing plaster on a bigger piece of furniture and am getting ready to try the Trigger Metallic Accent Cream on a dresser as a metallic wash.  Stay tuned for those reveals in the future!